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The densification and polish process involved in their creation means polished concrete floors are extremely durable. But even they can lose their beautiful shine over time if not properly cared for.

The good news is that the care process for polished concrete floors is much simpler and easier to perform than for other floor types.

We offer supplies

Green Earth Floors offers conditioners, cleaners and tools for sale.

Maintenance on concrete polished floors is minimal there are simple cleaning instructions to follow

What we provide

  • Maintenance Instructions

  • Maintenance Training/Instruction

  • Yearly Maintenance on floors, if requested

Steps involved (click to expand):

1. Remove Dust & Dirt

Dust mop the floor daily with a microfiber pad to keep dirt particles off the floor. Soils act as an abrasive and can ruin the clarity and shine of polished concrete

2. Wet Mop/Floor Scrubber

If wet mopping the floor, always use clean water and clean mops. Use an automatic floor scrubber equipped with a nonabrasive pad to clean large square footage areas.

3. Use a Neutral Cleaning Agent

When wet mopping, use a neutral floor cleaner formulated to suspend the dirt particles so they can be more easily removed. Using water only leaves much of the dirt on the floor, where it will eventually abrade and discolor the surface.

4. Give the Cleaning Agent time to work

Give the cleaner enough time to start breaking down the grime, such grease and other contaminants, and then suspend the particles. If you apply a cleaning agent and then immediately vacuum it or mop it from the surface, the cleaner will not have sufficient time to work

5. Remove Cleanint Agent before it dries

Make sure the cleaning solution does not dry on the surface. This can be accomplished by cleaning small areas and making sure the entire process is complete before moving on to other areas.

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