Stains & Dyes

What is Concrete Staining?

Stains are color options available for concrete polish, which penetrate and react chemically in the concrete. Concrete stains become a permanent part of the concrete.

Green Earth Floors works along with the client/architect to come up with the best color stain options to achieve the desired look and feel for each project.

Steps involved (click to expand):

1. Pick the color, or create a custom one

Green Earth Floors can work off a color chart that the client picks from or create their own unique color by mixing a unique design specially for that clients needs to achieve a one of a king floor.

2. Produce the dye

We work closely with the best stain and dye makers in the industry to achieve new and unique products. The chosen color gets produced at the exact standards needed for our work.

3. Application

Colors can be appplied both intregally during a new pour or topically on existing slabs depending on budget and need.

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