Micro Toppings

What are Micro Toppings?

Micro Toppings consists of a thin cementitious coating applied to concrete surfaces for concrete repair and new construction projects.

Contractors, owners, engineers and architects choose micro toppings to eliminate problems they have with other concrete repair materials. They provide a smooth surface on top of concrete - They are also used to obtain a certain look and feel the client wants to achieve that cannot be gleened out of their concrete.

Why use Micro Toppings:

  • Aesthetically pleasing: perfect for decorative purposes.

  • Special requirements: client/architect might desire a cream finish with no aggregate

  • Different look: toppings take on stains & dyes differently then concrete

  • Weak concrete: the slab is to delaminated or cabonized making it to weak to polish

  • Special floor geometry: the slab is pitched or there are elevation changes.

  • Save time and money

  • Superior durability

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