What are Concrete Coatings?

Concrete coating is the covering applied to cured concrete for aesthetic reasons as well as to make the structure or surface last longer and to reduce maintenance and repair costs. For instance, a protective and aesthetic coating can give color and a smoother surface to concrete walls and floorings while protecting them from wear, abrasion, reinforcement corrosion and harsh environmental conditions.

Coating will not indefinitely protect concrete but it will delay its degradation and extend its useful life with the least possible maintenance and repairs.

How to choose a coating

  • We work with the client/architect to come up with the best most cost-effective coating or sealer for their unique project.
  • The type, purpose or function and location of the concrete structure are the major factors in selecting the appropriate coating to apply.
  • We offer many different coating solutions depending on the use of the area in question.
  • Some clients want or need a coating rather than a polish and Green Earth Floors has many solutions for those clients.
  • Some floors are not a candidate for concrete polish for varying reasons - when the best solution for a client is a coating or sealer

We will work with clients to find the best solution for their individual needs

  • Coatings made for Industrial Kitchen floors;
  • Coatings for Lavatory floors;
  • Floor Coatings for areas to be used by Pets;
  • Coatings when the budget does not call for a polish.

Concrete Coating Advantages:

  • more cost-effective than concrete polishing

  • Slip-resistant

  • protects floors from wear and abrasion in heavy-traffic areas

  • Much easier to maintain

  • protects from water and chemical spills

  • protects agains corrosion of the reinforcement in the concrete. Rust expands, causing concrete to crack

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