• The mechanical grinding of concrete is environmentally friendly as well as economical. Green EarthFloors has successfully completed projects which have provided wearable, low maintenance flooring solutions for: Retail, Industrial, Warehouses, Commercial/Business, Self-Storage facilities, Art Galleries, Museums, Event Centers, Schools, Government Buildings, Restaurants, Food Stores, as well as Residential. Polished concrete floors can be as beautiful as they are sustainable.

  • Staining is the process of adding penatrating colors to the concrete, with sustainable, fade free colors either integrally or topically. Stains are available in different color options which penetrate and react chemically becoming a permanent part of the finished floor.

  • Most aged concrete floors can be economically rejuvenated - Green Earth Floors has a proven record of success in coming up with solutions for old, difficult to restore flooring (de-laminated and carbonized concrete).

  • Micro Toppings are a cementitious self leveling coating applied to concrete surfaces. They are perfect for special cases and unique requirements (particular floor geometry, de-laminated or carbonized concrete) or where a particular look is desired.

  • Concrete polishing is becoming more and more popular as an element of architectural design in many high end homes.

  • Coatings are a skin of hard epoxy or urethane resin that protects the top of your concrete floor. In addition to being cost-effective, slip-resistant, and low-maintenance, they offer good wear protection, spill protection, and corrosion protection. Coatings are a good solution where the state of the concrete does not permit polishing.

  • We are happy to work with clients and/or architects in the planning stages to provide our expert knowledge of concrete flooring, in order to improve the look and performance of the finished floor.

  • We offer comprehensive maintenance information, training, supplies and services.

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