About Polished Concrete Floors

What Is Polished Concrete?

The mechanical grinding of concrete is environmentally friendly as well as economical.

A great solution for Retail, Industrial plants, Warehouses, Commercial/Business Facilities, Galleries, Museums, Schools, Government Buildings as well as Residential.

The floors are as beautiful as they are sustainable :

  • Maintenance is simple, easy and fast;
  • Low maintenance and long-lasting sometimes considered a lifetime floor;
  • The floor system can be installed on new or existing concrete.


  • The average maintenance savings is substantial;
  • Does not need to be reapplied periodically as do coatings, requires no waxing or stripping.


  • Often referred to as lifetime floors outlasting vinyl, epoxy, and coatings;
  • Strengthens old concrete that is deteriorating through the densification process which increases durability.


  • Certified by National Floor Safety Institute as a "High Traction" floor;
  • Improves safety in that it is slip-resistant and meets OSHA and ADA standards for slip resistance.


  • Concrete Polish allows owners to choose the color and degree of shine that best captures their vision and enhances their environment;
  • Can create one of a kind beautiful flooring solutions;
  • As beautiful as it is durable.


  • Concrete Polishing offers a unique opportunity for owners to earn points towards LEED Certification;
  • Eliminates dusting which is not only unhealthy but can damage equipment and disrupt business.

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