American is under pressure to build green, sustainable and cost effective,now more than ever. Faced with government mandates, building owner's demands and increasingly expensive resources, building must be cost effective and sustainable. Efforts to protect the environment need to have financial as well as social benefits.

Building projects with concrete floors offer a unique opportunity to owners to potentially earn points towards LEED-NC certification all the way up to Platinum. As well as giving owners and architects visually beautiful floors. Concrete flooring becomes the canvas upon which architects and owners can achieve a desired look and feel creating one of a kind floors. America is also rediscovering existing concrete slabs originally poured as sub floors. Who knew that underneath all that carpet, tile and wood flooring was possibly a undiscovered gem. In the hands of a compettent applicator concrete can achieve a high glose finish similar to terrazzo or less luster look similar to natural stone.

Not only stunning visual effects but offers custom tailored finishes, dramatic long-term maintenance cost reduction, increases relfelctivity of the floor and therby reduces lighting costs, does not trap in the escaping moisture as do coatings, tile, carpet and other floor covering uses no petroleum solvents making it environmentally friendly.

Approved by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFAI) and certfied as a High Traction Floor that complies with ADA and OSHA requuirements.

Concrete floors can remain seamless, or be designed with saw cuts, stains and colors on new pours can be integral or color can be applied after the pour or on exisiting floors, unusual aggregates such as marble or glass can be added, logo's can be incorporatged into the cement, terrazzo strips, can be used to add an interesting look. Concrete polish can work not only with your imagination but also your budget.

We at Green Earth Floors believe that while concrete polish began out west, New York and the East coast will become the showplace for uniqueness - with their older buildings whose interesting and unique sub floors may have been poured nearly a century ago - these older pours and buildings can produce a unique look and feel all their own and with the imagination and cuting edge designs of our northeast architects and designers it is an industry just beginning to take off.

Green Earth Floors has worked on many Museums, Galleries, Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Schools, Universities, Sport facilities, residential projects in the northeast all with the desired outcome and every project with the owner not just satisfied but meeting and exceeding their expectations.

Architectural Services Offered by Green Earth Floors:

Flooring Consulting Services

New pour specs specific for concrete polish

Intregal Colors

Manufacturers Recommendations supplied on request

Slab repair and flat work

Samples and Mock-up

Green Earth Floors can supply pour specs for new pours to achieve the look and feel of the space that the Architect wants to achieve while always being mindful of the budget

Experienced to meet the schedules and demands of every project

LEED Certification

Green Earth Floors consultant can work with the design team on old existing slabs or new pourson color, aggregate exposure and sheen as well as creating stencils and logos project specific.

Saw cuts can enhance and create a multitude of different looks on the floors

Logos designed and applied to fit the projects needs or desires

More about Polished Concrete

Color Palettes

Green Earth Floor can produce the color the client & Architect are looking for - we have produced many one of a kind colors and looks on our projects


Ledership in Energy and Environmental Design

Facing government mandates and owners' demands with todays focus on protecting the environment building Green has social as well as financial benefits.

From an economic standpoint green building can result in cost and energy savings

Projects looking to achieve LEED's Certification can receive points for Concrete Polish

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