St. Charles Cemetery

Variety is the spice of concrete. Decorative concrete techniques often take advantage of concretes inconsistencies to produce variegated color. But inconsitency in decorative concrete can sometimes become to much of a good thing. This project was two adjoining slabs with integral color but when uncovered at the end of construction one had experienced unpredictable damage, altering the color.

When calling the dye company to complain about their faulty product they introduced the clients representative Mr. Van Yahres to Matt Johnson of Green Earth Floors, Inc. They said Johnson was the man they believed could fix their problems. The owners where also disappointed in the cracking in the slabs and the curling of the joints. Matt Johnson approached the problem as both an artist and a businessman. He fixed the cracks with an aesthetic solution and did a masterful job with epoxy filling so that when finished it looked like marble.

The contractor stated that everyone looking at the floor was saying "Oh, its marble!"

In the end the owner was quite pleased despite all the problems they encountered along the way. Matt Johnson said that better customer preparation for what to expect with concrete might have made the journey easier

  • Commercial
  • St. Charles Cemetery
  • Van Yahres, owner's rep
  • Farmingdale, New York
  • 50,000