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Green Earth Floors was featured in Concrete Construction magazine - November, 2009.

Here is an excerpt from Concrete Construction magazine - November 2009

For clothing designer / retailer Eileen Fisher, sustainability and authenticity were the winning combination.

Eileen Fisher is a women’s fashion retailer with 42 stores in 15 states, head-quartered in Irvington, N.Y., 20 miles north of New York City. Its new Eileen Fisher Lab store is an experimental retail concept that embraces sustainability.

For its premiere location, the company recycled 3000 square feet of space in the former Burnham Furnace works, a large 103-year-old building in Irvington. For a highly sustainable flooring surface, they refurbished the existing concrete that was already there by polishing it into a gleaming showroom jewel.

"We're a high-end retailer, and we wanted something different from our normal construction," says John DiMeglio, project manager for Eileen Fisher. "We wanted more of a warehouse feel, so we decided to revitalize that slab."

The concrete floor had a lot of history built into it. "It was three or four different colors," recalls polishing expert Matt Johnson, owner of Savaspace Inc., Tuckahoe, N.Y., whose Greenearth Floors division worked on the project. The floor had apparently been excavated and partially replaced during various renovations over the decades. "It looked like three different pours at least, and it had pitched and heaved," he said.

Before the job, Johnson showed the Eileen Fisher design team before-and-after photos from previous projects. He then described the kind of look and uniqueness he wanted to bring out of the floor.

"The variation, avoiding too much uniformity, and the character of the concrete made us choose to go that way," says DiMeglio. "It fit perfectly with the feel we were trying to achieve in the space."

The sustainability aspects of polished concrete sealed the deal. Densified concrete floors, polished or burnished, can be maintained with simple cleansers. "It was the ability to maintain this floor for 20 years without petroleum products that will pollute the environment," says Johnson. "Most other floors need waxing and stripping, and all that goes down the pipe."

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